Shockingly Funny Essays

Written by us and you!

If you have any you'd like to contribute, please email me.

Jealous Gilly: Both Eric and Mike sport less-than-desirable ‘dos in two of Terry Gilliam’s films. Jess examines the likely causes.

Lulu in Love: Making a special guest-star appearance on a Flying Circus episode, Lulu shows her appreciation for Michael in a very subtle (subtle?) way. Alix outlines the evidence.

Signs You're Not Cut Out To Be Sworn To Chastity: A top-ten (actually more-than-ten) list of sorts, featuring Michael as our dear Sir Galahad, by Jess.

Palin's Potty: An ode of sorts to a common occurrence featured on Mike's travel shows, by Cheri.

Ye Olde Cheese Page! Not exactly an essay, or poem, or any of that usual prose-y stuff, but something we felt was lacking and we needed to add to make the site more complete (ask on the Facebook group for the inside story!), by Jess.

Why JK Rowling Was Influenced By Python: Anne Elk (Miss) examines the uncanny similarities between Harry Potter and Monty Python.

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