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And now the page you've been waiting for: the collection of links to other oh-so-wonderful Mike and Eric websites. Each of these sites has received our genuine seal of approval. Each link opens in a new window. If you find any of these links broken, or if you have a Eric/Mike/Python site you'd like us to link to, please email us and we'll put it up here.

Michael Palin Websites

The Official Michael Palin Website Mike's official website, separate from Palin's Travels (below). Includes information on his tours, Python, excerpts from his latest Diaries volume and other writings, other newsworthy bits, a "rogues gallery" and a shop. Check it out!

Palin's Travels Mike's own website, completely dedicated to his various travels. Includes lots of pics, information, a message board and more. Definitely not to be missed!

The Michael Palin Page Mike's own official Facebook page! Keep in touch with Michael and up-to-date on his various projects and ruminations here!

Michael Palin Fans A Facebook group for fans of Mike to share articles, pictures, and discussion. Lovely group with some lovely people. Check it out!

Eric Idle Websites

Eric Idle Online! Eric's own site with biographical information, info about Spamalot, what Eric's reading, and a blog. Check it out!

The Naughty Philosophers' Eric Idle Grovelling Site cool site with lots of nice pics...very nice, indeed. ;)

Eric Idle Fans A Facebook group for fans of Eric sharing articles, pictures and discussion. Please check it out!

Mike and Eric/General Monty Python Websites

Monty Python's Official Website formerly known as PythOnline. Lots of great stuff here (news, info on the Pythons, pics & videos, a shop, etc), with more promised to come. Bookmark this one!

Python Slash LiveJournal community filled with lots of slashy Python fic goodness!

The Monty Python and the Holy Grail Unofficial Fan Site Jess' Holy Grail site with pictures, articles, fanfics and more!

PythOnline's Daily Llama The definitive Python news source! Hasn't been updated in quite a few years, but still a good site.

Monty Python Wacky Fan Fiction Society! The official site of the Yahoo group with the same name. An archive of some cool Python fanfiction! *Update: This site has unfortunately gone to the choir invisible. For great Python fanfic, visit its Yahoo group here.

Monty Python's Completely Useless Website This site has been up for quite a long time. Features all sorts of info from the Python movies and TV series - scripts, images, sound files, you name it.

Monty Python Fans Facebook group for Monty Python fans to hang out. Really nice group. Also check out the groups for the other Pythons: Terry Gilliam Fans, Graham Chapman Fans, Terry Jones Fans, John Cleese Fans, and 7th Python Fans (Carol Cleveland fan group)

Monty Python Fans' Artistic Corner Lovely group for fans who have artistic talent (writing, art, etc) who like to share their art, whether Python-related or not.

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