Mike Sightings

Who among us has been fortunate enough to meet Michael in person, whether it be for book signings, lectures, Python concerts and events of long past (or not-so-long past), or even just running into him out on the street? These lucky souls were kind enough to lend us their tellings of the events leading up to them meeting the Great Dimpled One. Most were so nice, they even provided us with pictures of said events! Click on the links below for the stories and/or pictures. And if you've got a story (with or without pics) of your own to share, please email me and I'll put it up on the page.

Marie's Story
Read her amazing story about meeting Michael twice in Chicago: at Borders bookstore and the public library on April 3, 2003!

Kim's Story
Read Kim's lovely story about meeting Michael at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley, UK during a screening of Holy Grail followed by a Q&A session on Feburary 11, 2007!

please-don't-make-me's Story
Read her post about meeting Michael at Dubray Books on Grafton Street in Dublin in December 2014!

butwhydorset's Story
Read her lovely post about meeting Michael during his talk at the British Library preceding the 40th anniversary screening of Holy Grail in August 2015!

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