Mike Sightings: Kim's Story

I thought you might like some feedback about this event I went to on Sunday (11th February 2007)! I'm afraid it was a bit overshadowed for me because i
had a car accident on Friday and was still a bit shaken up and preoccupied with that - but that's not Mike's fault!

I got to the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley and was a bit surprised as it is really small, old and, frankly, a bit grotty! But to be fair, it is apparently one of the oldest of a dwindling number of independent cinemas left in the UK and Mike is a patron of the Phoenix Cinema for that reason, i.e. he doesn't like the rampant commercialism and depersonal nature of modern cinemas.

Thoroughly enjoyed the film, obviously, and it was great to see it on the big screen with a packed audience who also love the film. Also anticipating seeing the great man himself for the first time which heightened the enjoyment! After the film Mike was introduced by Mark Steele and then everyone turned to see him walking down the aisle on my right-hand side - I was really chuffed - he is just as gorgeous in real life! Mark Steele chaired the Q&A session - obviously i was too overwhelmed to ask a question myself and i was quite relieved i didn't because one unlucky guy decided to ask quite a convoluted, long-winded question - he was half-way through when wicked Mike pretended to snore and drop off to sleep - roaring laughter ensued - but i would have been mortified if that had been me.

Anyway, I was absolutely transfixed by him, and slightly annoyed that he wasn't sitting on a raised dais or something, because i was in a middle row and didn't have a great view of him! He was really witty and charming just like he is on telly and I was a bit gutted that we couldn't do this every Sunday afternoon. But anyway, the time came for him to leave and that was sad. I scrambled out into the foyer where, to my delight, he was signing copies of his book - and there wasn't even a very long queue to get to him because alot of people had just left, which naturally surprised me because i think he's the best thing since sliced bread. By the time my turn came i'm afraid i was a jibbering wreck and i mumbled something about shaking because i was so excited and he sort of looked at me as if i was slightly demented (he wasn't completely wrong) - i tried my best to hold on to the moment and told him i'd been to the National Gallery and seen a portrait of Cardinal Richlieu, and that i was thinking of him when i saw it (you probably know he did a Monty Python sketch where he played Cardinal Richlieu) - i can't even remember what he replied because i was so wound up and embarrassed, I think he probably just said, "oh, right" or "really" or something like that (what else can you say to such a stupid comment!?). Then, feeling the moment was passing, and he'd almost finished signing my book, I told him i had come "all the way from Swansea" to see him in a really welshy accent. He asked me how i had found out about this event (he had to ask me twice because i was like a stunned rabbit by this point - and his voice is gorgeous) and i told him i'd found out about it on the internet. It was now my cue to leave, and as he gave my book back to me i think i probably just stared longingly at him as i turned to leave - I felt really deflated at the thought of having to leave! - he put his hand on my arm and said "have a good day" and that was the end of that.

I felt really sad and emotional leaving the cinema and Michael behind - i think i also felt a bit raw after the "car" situation and the thought of going back to Swansea!!! But i also felt really grateful that he had bothered to stay behind and sign books and have photographs taken of him (I felt it was rude to ask, but others just seemed to grab him and snap) - and i'm glad i told him that i had made an effort to get there just to see him as it seemed to me to be a "local" sort of event.

There, that's my feedback, sorry it's a bit long-winded - very therapeutic though, needed to get it out of my system!!!

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