Founders' Statement

Yeah, this is us...

(a.k.a Who are we, and why have we done this?)

Just who are these crazy people? It's quite possible that many of you arrived at this site asking this very question. First of all, why do we need another site devoted to Eric Idle and Michael Palin, when the Eric Idle Estrogen Brigade (EIEB™) and Michael Palin Estrogen Bridgade (MPEB™) already exist? And second of all, what does this site offer that they don't have? Without fear of contradiction, we, the founders of this site, can answer both these questions in a frank and forward manner.

I guess it all started back when the MPEB was first created. It started off as a quaint little place for Palin-worshippers to gather and profess their love of the Great Dimpled One. However, the posts of admiration and newsworthy items quickly became intermixed with those of personal gripes about such things as politics, culinary disasters, and insufferable roommates, a.k.a. "bitching." It wasn't long before the gripes outnumbered the posts devoted to Mike, and the MPEB was no longer a peaceful, relaxed environment to discuss his Palinness. As for the EIEB, it's not quite as bad as the MPEB in terms of the bitching-to-actual-Eric-posts ratio, but a few ridiculous items have shown up from time to time, especially when Eric was visiting and posting there.

I will admit that it's nice to be on a personal level with those whom you consider friends, and thus to share personal things with them, but too much griping, complaining, and whining can really contribute a lot of negative energy, which is unhealthy. We feel that the MPEB has reached this stage, and we're just offering this site as an alternative to those who'd like to discuss Mike and Eric in a relaxed, gripe-free environment. If anyone attempts to bitch and/or moan about anything other than Mike or Eric, we will ban them from the board. We are not attempting to be mean or petty or even intolerant, we just want to make this place a pleasurable experience for all (except those who like to moan and complain, and, well...they know where to go).

As for who we are...we're just two gals who think Eric and Mike very cute and extremely talented, and we feel we owe it to their fans to offer an alternative to those who may feel lost in all the griping which goes on there. We don't intend to take over or replace the MPEB or EIEB in any way, just offer an alternative to those who may be looking for one.

~ Jess and Cheri

PLEASE READ!! To those MPEBers and EIEBers who may be about to fire off an angry email to us, please understand this: we mean no harm. We're just offering an alternative to what has become, at least in our opinions, the current situation at both sites. We mean no disrespect to datura and timtom, the respective administrators at the MPEB and EIEB, nor to the enthusiastic patrons of both sites. Any jabs at you are all in the name of good fun, and are not worth agonizing over. Please do not waste the energy to send either of us an angry email because it's not worth it. We're not going to reply. And not only will we not reply to your hate email, we will also pass it between ourselves and laugh at it and make fun of it for shits and giggles. ;)

Want to see proof of the conditions at the MPEB outlined above? Click HERE!

UPDATE 6/8/13: Well, I suppose this page is useless now that both the EIEB and MPEB are deader than a Norwegian Blue. I will leave it up for nostalgic purposes I suppose. But back during 2002 when this site was first created, this whole page actually meant something. No, really, it did. At least to us.

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