Burden of Proof

To back up our contention that the MPEB is a negative environment full of bitching, our unnamed source has uncovered exclusive pictures of a typical MPEB patron, supplemented by excerpts from an authentic “post log." A post log is much like a chat log, though it originates from message boards instead of chat rooms. These pieces of evidence clearly demonstrate (at least in our opinions) a typical round of posting at the MPEB.

Begin log: "Blasted kids, blasted burnt tofu, blasted PMS,

blasted reproductive organs, blasted specific political issues,

"AHHH!!! Bloody hair girls!! Bloody toenail clippings of
roommates!! Bloody married people!! @$%& happiness!!!
&*@#$ EXISTENCE!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"... End log

The Palin & Idle 24-Hour Network In Action:


Note to any MPEBers who may be reading this: We have created this page all in good fun. We're not going to come after you in suits of armor attempting to smack you upside the head with a chicken (no matter how tempting it may seem). So once again, do not send us angry hate emails unless you really feel the urge, and in which case, sleep better knowing we are sharing them and poking fun at them behind your back..

Update: Again, this is a woeful anachronism in present day, but back in 2002 it was actually relevant and we found it funny. Now that both the EIEB and MPEB have gone under, I suppose you could say we were onto something with the knight and rubber chicken. ;)

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