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Greetings, weary traveler. This page is broken up into two parts: Actual Mike & Eric News, and Site News. Each of these parts will be updated in as timely a manner as possible, but if you run across some news on our wonderful chaps which you don't see here, please send an email our way and we'll post it up here as soon as we can.

Actual Mike & Eric News

The official trailer for Mike's film "The Death of Stalin" has just been released. See it here!

Michael is now on Instagram! Follow him (or just bookmark it if you're not on Instagram) here! And speaking of which, today is his birthday. Have a great one, Mike, and many many more!

Quite a lot of recent Mike news: First, he's slated to appear in two new movies: Terry Gilliam's "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" and "The Death of Stalin." Go here and here for more info. Also, did you know that if you buy a book or DVD from the Official Michael Palin website, you can get it personally signed by Mike? Click here for details.

Michael has been making some book shop appearances lately. Were you lucky enough to meet him, or see him at his recent lecture tour? If so, please drop us a line! Likewise if you've caught Eric and John during their live show tour!

Curious about the Holy Grail 40th anniversary rerelease on DVD/blu-ray? Go here for details (as a bonus, you get a cute Michael demonstrating and playing around with the DVD set)!

Monty Python & the Holy Grail is getting another theatre re-release! In time for its 40th anniversary, theatres across the UK will be screening it in October, with international/US dates also coming in the Fall (and there is also talk of a DVD/blu-ray release)! Go here and here for more info.

Eric is teaming up with John Cleese for a new, sit-down live show touring the US in October! Tickets will go on sale starting this Friday, June 19th. Check out this site for more info!

Michael now has his own official website! No, it's not replacing Palin's Travels, but it's a more personal site with information on his tours, Python, other newsworthy bits, and an image gallery. A shop also appears to be forthcoming. Check it out!

Saw the Pythons this past weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival? Please let me know how it went, either in an email or at the Facebook group! Didn't see them? Here are a couple articles to give you a taste. Also, check out YouTube for snippets of the fun, plus their appearance last Thursday evening on the Tonight Show.

More big news! To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Monty Python & the Holy Grail, there will be a screening next month at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. All Pythons are slated to attend the screening and a Q & A session! Go here for info!

Michael has just started a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand! Go here for more info. And see a cute little video he's done about it here.

Big news! Michael has finally taken the plunge into social media and now has his own official Facebook page! Check it out here (you can also access it from the Links section of this site).

So, how is everyone liking Remember Me so far? Let me know with an email or a post at the Facebook group! Michael made an appearance yesterday on The Late Late Show (on RTÉ One). He was asked about future Python reunions. Catch a clip from it here.

Michael's series, Remember Me, starts this Sunday on BBC One! If you watch, please let me know what you think. You can watch a preview of episode 1 here.

Michael has given a talk about his newest volume of his diaries, "Travelling to Work." If you managed to see him, please let me know how it went! I'd be happy to post a report on the site. There is a review about it here. He also participated in a chat at Mumsnet, transcript of which can be found here.

So, the Pythons' stage show last month was a big success! There is talk of a DVD release this Fall or thereabouts. Stay tuned for more info. If you have any anecdotes or pictures you'd like to share, please email me and I'll post it. :)

Introducing Monty Python's Spam Club! Just in time for the Monty Python live stage show! You can spam the Pythons, check out the fan wall, find out where you'll be able to see the show broadcast in cinemas, and more! Well... maybe not too much more, but check it out anyway.

Happy Birthday to Michael, who turned 71 today! Still as fine as ever, and as Eric tweeted the other day, "71 is the new 70." Happy Birthday, Mike, and many more to come!

Not exclusively about Mike or Eric, but check out this nice little Monty Python tribute video!

Michael is going to be doing a new stage show! It will be a two-part show entitled "Travelling to Work." In it he will cover his 25 years of worldwide travel, plus his years in showbiz. Go here for more information and here for tickets!

Word is that Michael's "Around the World in 80 Days" documentary is going to be aired on the Travel Channel soon, in anticipation of the program's 25th anniversary. That's about all the news we have, but we will update you as further details are available. Go here for the announcement.

Big news!! The Pythons are reuniting for a new stage show set for summer 2014! Read about it here.

Site News

A new story "Amelia" has been added to the Mike Fanfiction section. Please give it a read! I'm sorry this site has been rather dead lately. I've just not had as much time as I would have liked to update it. I should be able to update more frequently, though, so stay tuned.

A new story "Penelope" has been added to the Mike Fanfic section. Please check it out!

The story "Walking on Thin Ice" in the Mike Fanfic section, is now completely up. I hope to have more updates soon.

I've uploaded and fixed the links to the "Vampire Python" fanfic in the Mike and Eric fics section. Again I'm sorry for neglecting this site for so long. I hope to have more updates soon!

A new fanfic has been added to the Mike Fanfic section. Check it out if you like smut. ;) More updates coming soon.

The "Screen shots from the actual film" and "BBC Film Night" pages have been added to the Holy Grail section of the Mike Pics. I plan to get more of this section finished within the next week or so.

The Mike Pics for "And Now For Something Completely Different" are now up. More updates forthcoming.

The Mike Bios page has been completely redone, and both the "real" and "silly" biographies have been added. I hope to get the Mike Sightings page uploaded soon as well. Watch this space! (Edit: Correction - the Mike Sightings page was previously uploaded...sorry about that!)

The Essays section has finally been added, and along with it all of the essays! Give them a read, and if you have any you would like to contribute, please do! More updates coming soon.

After more than six months of no updates (sorry, sorry!!), I've done some housekeeping and removed dead links from various pages of the website. I've also added a link to a couple of new fanfics in the Mike & Eric Fanfic section. I have many more plans for updating the site, which should be forthcoming.

A link to a new story in the Mike Fanfic section has been added. It's called "Around the World and Back Again." Check it out. Once again I'm sorry about being so slow in updating the site. I hope to change that soon.

I've added a link to a new story in the Mike Fanfic section called "Caught in the Rain." Check it out! I also added a link to a new fan account of meeting Michael several days ago, in the Mike Sightings section. I hope to make some more updates over the next few weeks

Added a page for the fanfic "Nowadays Every Night" in the Mike & Eric Fanfic section. I've also redone some of the pages in the Mike Fanfiction section.

Added the page for the fanfic "Just the Three of Us" in the Mike & Eric Fanfic section. I'll be working on more of the fics and they should be up shortly.

Just noticed that I'd failed to add the last chapter of "A New York Story" in the Mike & Eric Fics section. It's up now, plus I've done some general housekeeping. More updates soon.

I've just added the "AM America" page under the Guest Appearances section of Mike Pics. Updates may come a bit slower as I've just started a new job, but I promise they will be forthcoming.

I've redone/added a few more pages, specifically the silly "Founders' Statement" page, the Thank-Yous, and I've finally put up the Fanlisting page. Not that anyone uses fanlistings anymore, but what could it hurt? I just have the main page of that one up so far, but I plan to put all the others back up over the next few days.

Happy New Year! I updated the Links page with the new home of the official Python site. They are promising some interesting stuff from their archives in the coming months, so keep an eye out.

I'm slowly but surely working on the fanfic sections. I just added the page for the story "St. Valentine's Day" over in the Mike & Eric Fanfic section, so that link should work now. I also started redoing the index page and chapter pages for "An Old Friend" (in the Mike Fanfic section). I have the first 3 or so chapters up, and will be adding more soon.

Just added another photo gallery in the Guest Appearances section of the Mike Pics. This time it's for his appearance on Look North in 1973 during the Pythons' First Farewell Tour. Check it out. I also updated the Links page, adding a new Eric link and getting rid of some of the dead links as well.

Just added a photo gallery for Michael's visit (along with Terry J, Terry G, and Graham) to Dallas PBS station KERA in 1975. You'll find it in the Guest Appearances section of the Mike Pics. Again I'm sorry for taking so long. Things are settling down a bit so I should finally have more time to devote to updates.

Again, apologies for updates being so sporadic lately. It's a combination of real-life drama and computer issues (I've been dealing with a monitor that likes to throw temper tantrums...*sigh*). Anyway, I've finally got the Mike Sightings section up. It's got a couple of stories of fans meeting Michael. If you have any stories (with or without pictures) that you'd like to share, please email me and I'll be happy to add them.

It's been two months since the last update, I'm so sorry, but real-life drama reared its ugly head once again. Plus I got a new computer and had to transfer my files/programs over to it from the old one. I have added a new, wonderful fanfic to the Mike Fics section, though. It's called "And Now For Something Completely the Same." Please check it out! Now that I have the new computer set up I should be able to update more frequently now.

Progress! Slowly, but surely! I've added the "Monty Python Conquers America" gallery to the Guest Appearances section of the Mike Pics. I hope to get more of the sections completed soon.

I've added some more of the pages to the Mike Pics section. Most of the galleries still aren't up yet - these pages are basically placeholders for now. But I promise they will be up very soon. Unfortunately updates have been coming along slower than I'd planned due to some real-life drama. I should hopefully have more time to get these sections up soon, though.

I've done some updates to the Mike Fanfic section - some of the links still don't work but that will change soon.

As below, added a couple more pages to the Mike Pics section ... again the gallery links don't work but I am working on them.

I added a couple more pages to the Mike Pics section ... none of the gallery links work yet, but I will be working on those soon.

Added a link to a new fanfic in the Eric Fanfic section. Please bear with me as updates may come a bit slower for a little while... my desktop computer decided to throw a tantrum, so things are a bit up in the air at the moment. I have the necessary programs on my mini notebook, but I don't have a CD/DVD drive, so I probably won't get to do much with the pics sections until I get my desktop working again. I'll try though!

Well, here is the new News page with the new layout. Hopefully it makes things look more consistent now. Still in the process of uploading all of the fanfics to the various sections, but hopefully that will be done soon.

Sorry if the site looked like, well...crap yesterday. While editing the CSS got messed up. I think it's alright now. Anyway, I am still changing the layout for each of the sections. The fanfic sections (Mike, Eric, and Mike & Eric) are all done now. I've got most of the fics uploaded there as well, so if you run into any broken links, don't fret because they will all be up soon. I'm also trying to decide if I should keep each of the fics in this new layout as well. What do you think? Drop me a line and let me know!

I decided I liked the idea of having the same layout on each page of this site, so I will be changing each of the sections little by little. I've already started with the Mike Fanfic section, and will be doing the same to the others soon.

More updating to the site! I finally added the Mike and Eric Fanfics section. Still have to upload all the fics back to it, but I will be working on that soon. I've also added a link to the Python Slash community on LiveJournal (on the Links page and on the various fanfic pages). Check it out if you dig slash. :) I also got the Thank-Yous and Essays pages uploaded. Still have quite a ways to go until all the pages are up, but I am working on it! If you have any questions or comments, please email me or post on the message board.

Finally have done some more updating! I've updated the Mike Fanfic section - still a few more that I need to add, but I'm getting there. I've also added the Eric Fanfic section and added some fics to that page. Again, not complete but I'm working on it. If you see any links with 'topcities' in the URLs, PLEASE do not click on them. As I've mentioned, my old webserver was hacked and some bastard put malicious code on it.

Well, it's now official: The Palin & Idle 24-Hour Network at its old home (palinidle dot topcities dot com) has joined the choir invisible. I'm assuming either the web hosting company or the server has bit the dust because the site is totally inaccessible now. So glad that I backed up all my pages and moved the site over here. I still don't have them all up yet, but we will get there.

Well, I guess you can see that our site has a new home. Sadly the web host where I used to have it got hacked and they apparently didn't give a shit about rectifying the situation. The site ended up having malicious code placed on it. After failing to reach the people who work for it, I decided to move it to another host. Hopefully it will fare much better here than it has over there. I'm still in the process of uploading all my saved pages and images, but I promise it will all be done.

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