Mike Sightings: Marie's Story

It was so amazing to see Mr. Palin in person! I was so nervous that had it not been for my dearest friend Liz I probably would have just left w/out meeting him! It was kinda like slow motion watching him get off the elevator and walk up to the table. Almost like a dream! Unfortunately most of my pictures didn't turn out. :( Seeing him and hearing his voice in person is something that I cannot put into words! It is unbelievably amazing!!

Liz was in line before me, hehe!! And I about freaked when he said her name!!!!!! Just the way he said "Liz" was so amazing! I went up and he said, "Hi there, How are you?" I think I managed to squeek out a "fine thanks" and then me and Liz took our picture and left. It seemed to me that everything was rushed? But it was probably just me. The security woman was so nice, she held our stuff while we were standing in line, getting our books signed and getting our picture taken. I can't put into words what it was like seeing him in person!!!

Ok, so I should explain that, I had made plans to meet up with other girls from his website at some coffee house called the "JavaJava" but for some reason we couldn't find it!!!! So because I didn't meet w/the group at the JavaJava, I was EXTREMELY shy, and even though we were right behind them in line, I was so shy and stupid that i didn't let my presence be known until after the signing! (hehe, I was lurking in person! :)

Afterwards I was so nervous but Liz FINALLY convinced me to say something to Missi (one of the girls we were supposed to meet up with) as we were leaving the Borders. I wave at her and tell her who I am. She was so incredably nice!! I had nothing to be nervous about! So after our hellos she tells us that Michael will be doing a lecture at the Library, and asked if we were going. We had no idea about him speaking at the library so we decided to tag along w/them to the Library! :) This was also when I was freaking out about you know "what are the chances of meeting him twice!!!" "it's too good to be true!" that sort of thing, so I ask Liz if she minds going, which of course she didn't!!!

The talk at the Library was WONDERFUL!!! Hearing him speak about his book and answering questions is something I will treasure forever! I took pictures but again, most of them, almost all of them didn't turn out! :( I got to meet him again, and I just kept thinking it was too good to be true! Meeting him twice?! But he was very nice, said hello to me again, and I got my picture taken with him again.

He talked about getting sick on camel kidney and told us how to go to the bathroom in the Sahara Dessert! lol!!! Which I'll share w/you all! lol! You dig a hole in the ground and do your business, but because paper doesn't biodegrade in the desert you have to light your paper on fire when you're finished! But you have to be careful so you don't set your "Ass on fire" lol!!!! Sorry but I LOVED hearing him talk about that stuff!!!! I don't care how gross it was! He was very wonderful and charming, and as always very hilarious!!!!!

What was funny about both signings was, I kind of frightened him before each picture we took! The first time Liz and me got one together, and since her book was signed first, she was waiting for me to get in the picture, so the people start to point for me to go behinesk, and so I kinda run behind the desk and stand next to him, and he looked up and kinda did a double take, then realized we were going to take a picture! lol!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!!! And the second time, they had him signing books so fast that the lady took my book and he had signed it before I was even up to him!!! So the other lady said she'd take my picture, so again, I go around and sort of lean down next to him, and it was so AMAZING!!! I looked at him before the picture and he said "Oh, Hello!" and then we took the picture!!!!! It was so wonderful!!!!!!! Things were so rushed, I didn't get to say anything to him, but thats ok, I wouldn't know what to say to him anyway. He was such a sweet man, that he tried to make sure he at least said hello to everyone! That was fine w/me because at least I know he acknowledged my presence!! :)

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Michael, Anne-Marie and Liz

Michael signing books at the library

Michael and Liz

Michael and Anne-Marie

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