Signs You're Not Cut Out To Be Sworn To Chastity

By Jess

Lulu in Love?

1. You chose Castle Anthrax not because you thought you saw the Grail, but because you can't get enough of those virgins.

2. Your eyes have a beautiful twinkle in them.

3. You've got those darned godawfully cute dimples.

4. You've got that long, attractively mussy hair.

5. You've got a really nice bod.

6. You’ve got such a sweet smile.

7. You just had to be rescued from almost certain temptation.

8. Bet you're I'm not!

9. You swear you don't want anyone to examine you, but you don't put up much of a fight when they do.

10. You have a secret stash of Playwench under your bed.

11. You constantly check the Google search engine for new information about Castle Anthrax.

12. You keep dressing your horse up like a girl even though he is a boy.

13. The way you say, “No this cannot be! I am sworn to chastity!” sounds awfully forced.


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