Lulu in Love

By Alix 

Lulu in Love?

Show? Monty Python. Series? Three. Sketch? “It’s.” Article? Too bizarre already. Okay, so I’m new at this, but I have a very important, and most likely incorrect, observation about that specific sketch. What do you mean “What sketch?” “IT’S!” I just said that. Pay attention!

In the Series Three Python sketch of the It’s Man Talk Show, Ringo Starr and Lulu are the guests of honor. They’re sitting down on the couches, when Michael walks in as the It’s Man. <>

*dramatic pause as readers try to figure out just what exactly Alix is trying to say*<>

Now for the punch: Is it just me or is Lulu checking Mike out?!

As Michael walks in, Lulu quickly looks him up and down and smiles a bit. Now I don’t know about elsewhere, but here in the States, well, in my state, um, town, er, house, well actually, in my head, this is known as “Search and Approval.” This particular action is when a woman scans a group of men (or, as the case may be, one man), finds one that is unbelievably handsome, and nods up and down very subtly in approval. I do it all the time! And I think everyone else here can honestly admit they’ve done it too. (Come on…admit it…don’t be shy…)

When Michael sits down, Lulu seems to be checking out his bum (which is so much more fun to say than “butt,” don’t you think?). Once again, she nods in approval. Not that I blame her. In fact, here is evidence that Michael does, in fact, have an excellent posterior.

~~*WARNING: Do not look if you are faint of heart. Then again, most of you have probably seen this picture from Jabberwocky before. Never mind. But still, it’s nice to see it again, isn’t it? Oh, just look at the bloody picture already.*~~

After he sits down, Lulu just can’t help but comment on his costume.

“Love the outfit dear, it’s gorgeous.”

Now, this could be taken as a joke, ha ha ha, because as we all know, the It’s Man costume is a raggedy torn old thing. But when used for a fake research article such as this, the comment is, quite obviously, flirtation. Because, you see, the It’s Man costume is also a “barely there” sort of thing, with large holes in several different places. Lulu could well have been commenting on that fact that one could see parts of his chest and stomach through the suit! And we all know what an absolutely lovely body Michael has, now don’t we?

Here, to prove that Michael has an absolutely lovely body, is another picture.

~~*WARNING—PART DEUX: Once again, this photo is not for the faint of heart. In fact, go for your basic roller coaster rules and restrictions for this one (you know, do not even try to look at this photo if you are pregnant, have back problems, or if you are under 4’ 8”…) Even though it is highly likely that you have seen this photo, too. You have been warned.*~~


~~*I apologize for part being cut off…I still haven’t quite mastered Photoshop yet…*~~

Another reason that this could be flirting is that Lulu says this line very quietly, you can barely hear her, and she giggles a bit. You can actually tell that Michael’s smile after she said it was a bit uncomfortable. So either that line was not scripted, or Lulu is just that bad of an actress.

After It’s Man messes up his talk show by saying “It’s,” and the credits start rolling, Ringo and Lulu are supposed to angrily walk off of the stage. Ringo does this rather well, but Lulu is still somewhat giggly. When Michael rushes off to drag the guests back on, Lulu giggles even more as she tries to get out of his grip. She, and this is a fact, walks off of the stage again with a huge grin on her face. Well, tiny smile is more like it, but what’s a little exaggeration going to hurt anything?

In conclusion, and I’ll put this as bluntly as possible, Lulu has the hots for Michael.

So There
Your roving, roaming, and lying reporter—Alix

DISCLAIMER: (because apparently I have to have one of these) As I have stated a few (I think…) times in this “article,” all of this is opinion, and probably isn’t true. It’s just nice to think that every woman Michael meets automatically wants to marry him, or something like that. If you happen to agree with my opinion, comments are welcome. Just post ‘em on the loverly Facebook group on the main page. :) Thanks for reading.

editor's note: it's enough to make one wonder how Lulu would feel if she ever ran into Michael dressed as Sir Galahad. Ripping off the knight's chastity belt - or admiring from just a smidge of a distance? I'll leave that up to you all. ;) -Jess

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