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Welcome to the Palin & Idle Fanlisting!

I know what you're thinking: there's individual fanlistings for Michael Palin and Eric Idle alone, so why bother having one fanlisting for the two of them? For those of us who love Mike and Eric equally (or perhaps slightly unequally...but love them nonetheless), especially together in the various Flying Circus sketches and bits in the Python films, this listing celebrates all that is wonderful about the two talented Pythons. If you do admire these two lovely chaps, please join.

6 January 2015: Fanlisting is active again. The webhost (& my site) where it was previously hosted was hacked and went under. Hopefully things will remain stable now.
27 September 2008: 4 fans added. 13 January 2008: 5 fans added. Sorry for the delay - I was in an accident this past summer and everything has been set back. I am feeling fine now, so I promise I will update this fanlisting more regularly.

25 February 2004: Fanlisting now online!
8 February 2004: Fanlisting created.

I am not associated with either Mike or Eric in any way, i.e. I do not know either of them personally, nor have I ever met them (unfortunately!)...nor am I either of them. I'm just a fan who thinks they're gorgeous, funny and talented, and runs a fansite dedicated to them.


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