Guest Appearances

In this section you will find a collection of pics of Mike from various shows and venues in which he's made guest appearances, done interviews, etc. Apologies in advance for the substandard quality on some of these! And if you have any you'd like to contribute, please email me.

Industrial Films Bird's Eye Peas (1971), Harmony Hairspray and Close-Up Toothpaste (both 1973), and Henry Cleans Up (1974) with the other Pythons

Look North, 5/23/73 Interview during Monty Python's Farewell Tour in Yorkshire, with Graham Chapman and Terry Jones

KERA Dallas Python visit to Dallas PBS station, 3/15/75, with Terry Jones, Graham Chapman and Terry Gilliam

AM America Appearance on ABC morning program, 4/25/75, with Eric, Graham, Terry J and Terry G (also some pics of the Holy Grail premiere party, 4/28/75)

Saturday Night Live, 4/8/78 Pics from Mike's first stint as host of SNL

Saturday Night Live, 1/27/79 Pics from Mike's second stint as host of SNL

Saturday Night Live, 5/12/79 Pics from Mike's third stint as SNL host

Friday Night, Saturday Morning Pics from Mike's appearance with John Cleese debating Life of Brian with Malcolm Muggeridge

Parkinson, Autumn 2002 Michael's appearance chatting mostly about Sahara (thanks to Jess P for the pics!)

Concert for George November 2002 concert in tribute to George Harrison, with other Pythons

Monty Python Conquers America 2008 special about Python arriving in America, current interviews mixed with archival footage/photos, with other Pythons

Miscellaneous appearances For those that didn't have enough pics to warrant their own section.

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