The Night Is My Companion


Solitude My Guide

by Jen

It started out a quiet night. Bright moon and twinkling stars against a dark dark sky.

Not a noise for miles around.

It was quiet. Almost TOO quiet.

A sudden noise woke me from my sleep, and I looked round to see where it could have came from.

Unable to find the source, I settled down to go back to sleep, when I heard the noise again.

Sitting straight up, I looked round once more.


"Hello," answered a voice.

A voice I never expected.

"I can't see you but I know you're there," I said.

"Do you?" purred the voice, a purr which shivered down my spine.

"Yes...I do...I believe I do.."

"Like me to come out of the shadows then? Let you get a look?"

"Okay," I said, feeling relieved.

"It'll cost you."


"No, no, no, nothing to worry about, love. Believe me. You'll be glad later on."

"Okay. Do what you want."

"Close your eyes first, love, don't want to spoil the surprise."

I did as he asked, but peeped out of one as my midnight visitor revealed himself.

My heart started to thunder at the sight.

"Now, love, I told you, you weren't supposed to look."

"I didn't."

"Sure?" he teased.

"I promise. Please don't leave."

"I won't. 'Sides I came for you anyway."

"For me? Why?"

He knelt at the edge of my bed, and began to crawl toward me.

The graceful and sleek way he moved reminded me of one of those jungle cats on the telly, that and the way his eyes looked, as dark as the night sky.

He was above me now, looking straight into my eyes, then lowered his head down to my ear.

"Because I wanted you," he whispered, the vibration nearly causing my heart to stop beating altogether.

I shut my eyes at the feeling, my breathing unsteady.

He purred again under his breath, and said; "If just the sound of my voice does that to you, imagine what'll happen when you get the rest of me."

My brain swam with the thought, almost as if he could read my mind, he knew exactly what I felt, what I'd thought, what I wanted.

All I could think about was him. How it felt to have that body so close to my own, the things I wanted to do with it.

He found the side of my neck once more, his breath warm against my skin.

"Do what you want," I said in a shaking voice.

I let him take control of me from that moment on, every inch of me he made contact with, where he didn't touch with his lips, his hands did.

The only thing I could do was surrender completely to him.

I held tight to the back of him, one hand going up and down his spine, him groaning under my touch.

He'd made contact with a part of me that I'd never expected, and the feeling made my breath whoosh from my throat.

He meanwhile, seemed to be pleased with the reaction, a low rumbly sound came from his throat, as he whispered; "That was just the reaction I was looking for."

I fought hard to retain some sort of self control, fought to get my breathing and my heart back to normal.

It was a battle I was losing with every second.

He watched me with those dark dark eyes, a gaze that seemed to burn into my soul.

When the last remaining bit of any reserve left me, that was when he took me completely, in such a way that was gentle yet rough, giving but yet taking for himself too.

I was truly lost then, lost in the feeling as he made love to me...lost in the sound that was being made as his body connected into mine...lost in the love and the warmth that I felt from the act itself.

The last memory as he brought me home was of that love, of the safety of being in his arms and going to sleep.

It is a memory I'll keep and always treasure, because when I woke up the next morning, he was gone.