Hopelessly Devoted To You

note: when it says ~Anne~ that is my point of view when it says ~Michael~ that is Michael's view point.
Part 1

Anne Monier was overjoyed as she ran down the street, towards the bus stop. She was ecstatic that she had just gotten a real part in a real play and was best of all, going to be payed real money! She studied the script when she got to the bus stop, her long dark wavy hair blowing in the wind, and her eyes sparkling with delight. Every once in a while she would check the busy London street to see if there was a bus coming, sure there were plenty of buses, but none were hers. Finally a bus came and eagerly she jumped on, anxious to get back to her appartment, and call her mother with the good news. She stood next to a man who was the handsomest man she had ever seen in her life of 23 years, his green-grey eyes were twinkling at her, and he smiled, a wonderful shy smile. She managed to smile back and said "Hello there!" He said "Why hello Miss!"

Michael Palin was stunned at first by this handsome girl, she walked with such confidence, and was so lively, not like some other girls he had dated who had seemed to have a labotomy. So outgoing too, it made him think of how he was single, and how his friends always joked about it. He finally mustered enough courage up and said "You know you're a very pretty girl."

Anne was stunned and delighted by this remark, it only made her feel more ecstatic and that this day was turning out so wonderfully. She said "You're not too shabby yourself!" He laughed and said "Say, what's your name?" "Anne" she faltered, and with more confidence "Anne Monier, what's yours?"

"Oh I'm Michael Palin" he said.

"Pleased to meet you Michael Palin" she smiled and extended a her hand. (the right one to be exact)

He heartily shook it, and they began to talk, laughing quite a bit.


Anne was falling in love more every minute. It was love at first sight, and when she found out that he was acting too, she was tumbling head over heels.

He then told her about how he and some other mates of his were getting together a comedy group, and that they needed a woman, and since she seemed pretty creative and funny maybe she would like to join.


Anne was stunned for a minute then she said "Oh my goodness yes!" And she then saw that it was her stop, and she made arrangements to meet again with Michael at the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum the next day at noon.

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